OddSong at LilyPad 4/6/17

Darrell Katz and OddSong

Thursday, April 6, 8:00 PM.

The LilyPad in Inman Square


OddSong is:

Alto saxophones: Rick Stone and Lance Van Lenten

Tenor, soprano and sopranino saxophone: Phil Scarff

Baritone Saxophone and bass clarinet: Melanie Howell Brooks

Violin and piano: Helen Sherrah-Davies

Vibraphone and Marimba: Vessela Stoyanova

Voice: Rebecca Shrimpton

Music is by Darrell Katz, with additional music by Helen Sherrah-Davies. One of OddSong’s and Darrell Katz’s more recent pieces, “Outta Horn” celebrates the night John Coltrane ran out of horn.

OddSong’s crtically acclaimed first CD, Jailhouse Doc With Holes In Her Socks, was released October, 2016. “…Darrell Katz and the various JCA groups have been quietly putting out excellent music for some time. This is one of their finest efforts.” Jerome Wilson, All About Jazz. This is adventurous multi-stylistic music, with a wide range of influences and directions. Blues, contemporary chamber music, tango, collective improvisation, world music, and more are all part of it.

“…Darrell Katz has made a name as an imaginative and innovative composer, and this collection can only increase his reputation, such is his ability to create so many atmospheres and textures over the space of one record.” Downbeat, Simon Scott

“…Singer Rebecca Shrimpton has a soprano voice that combines the intimacy of a jazz singer with the purity of tone one normally associates with trained sopranos…This is, without question, one of the most fascinating jazz albums of 2016…”- Lynn René Bayley, The Art Music Lounge

“This is music for mind and soul.”Irwin Block, Montreal Gazette

The LilyPad is at 1353 Cambridge St in Cambridge. Tickets are $15, and $10 for students and seniors.


Darrell Katz

Darrell Katz, director of the Jazz Composers Alliance, helped to found the organization in 1985.

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