Bob Pilkington

Bob began playing trombone at age 11. He started writing music at age 16. He hasn’t stopped since. Over the years, his main efforts have gone into original music projects – both his own and others. Though jazz is “home base,” his interests are extremely wide ranging.

Bob has had some great teachers over the years. Some were at schools attended (University of Louisville School of Music and Berklee College of Music). Some were outside of schools. Some are colleagues. Some were great musicians who he totally immersed himself in.

Bob has appeared with Dave Holland, Julius Hemphill, Muhal Richard Abrahms, Bob Brookmeyer, Ricky Ford, Randy and Michael Brecker, Paul Horn, Jimmy Giufree, Jacki Byard, Jon Faddis, Harvie Schwartz, Sheila Jordan, George Garzone, Bob Moses, Orange Then Blue, Baird Hersey & the Year of the Ear, Tommy Campbell, Joel Gray, Fred Ho, Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes, The Four Tops.

Bob now devotes his time to playing, writing, and teaching. He performs with a number of groups in the Boston area (jazz, rock, pop, alt, etc). He writes for his own groups and many of the groups he performs with. He’s been teaching at Berklee since 1982 (mostly writing courses but also some performance courses).

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